our story

The first of its kind in the UK. Cactus City studio is a London based feminist recording studio like no other, designed to be a safe space for women and gender minorities to write, record, produce and express themselves. Initially created in 2018 as a pop up studio, Cactus City came to life after the founder was unable to find any inspiration for the design of a 'feminine' recording studio when searching online. 


Now we are looking to build a long term project, with recording studios, podcasting space and office space for women in music, with the capability to deliver the highest quality music and audio. As a women owned studio, our vision is to create a sustainable and safe recording studio for women and gender minorities, which will be run by a diverse group of producers, including female producers.

Cactus City aims not only to be a safe recording studio for women and gender minorities, but we also want to help define the industry for the better. We aim to work with some of the best UK recording studios and other major institutions to encourage them to adopt better safeguarding policies for artists and creatives. You can find out more about how we are working on this, by checking out the Cactus City Charter. At Cactus City, we not only want to change people’s lives; we want to change the industry for the better.


why a cactus

The cactus is our emblem as it signifies a tough exterior that exists to protect its precious water, allowing the plant to thrive in the harshest environments. This often characterises what women in the music industry need to become to preserve their creativity. No longer will this be the case. We will be the sharp exterior protecting the precious water within.


Cactus City hopes to become a long term project dedicated to equality, the promotion of change, healing, protection and education within music as well as being a world class recording facility.


We at Cactus city believe that everyone should be able to create high quality music in a safe space regardless of sexuality, age, race, sexual orientation, disability or any other factors that make you, you. This is part of our ethos, which lays the groundwork for the things we do and the way we work,


why cactus city

In 2019, the Musician’s Union carried out research which shown that 48% of its members had experienced sexual harassment in the music industry, with 85% of people not reporting it due to a number of factors, including fears of losing work.


At Cactus City, we want to be the safe space for all gender minorities in music, so that artists can focus on producing the best art they can in a safe and welcoming environment.


Cactus City strives to be more than just a recording studio, we also want to help fight for change across the industry. With female music producers only making up 2.6% of music producers in the UK, we want to see that number increase!


We believe in equal opportunities for everyone in music, and we are committed to encouraging more diversity across roles where women and gender minorities are currently underrepresented. This includes encouraging and supporting more women into A&R, music production and sound engineering roles. By championing and supporting women and gender minorities into music, we give them a fair chance at a career in music. 

At Cactus City we always say that we don’t want to exist, but the reality is that the industry needs somewhere like us to help make the music industry a kinder place for everyone. 


Our goal is for the only pricks in the studio, to be on a cactus. We'd love to connect with you more, and hear your thoughts across our social media pages.