Meet the Team

Meet the people fighting for change in the music industry

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cactus city - alumni

"Striving for music equality is a complex problem. But through working at Cactus City, I have been able to develop strategies and use my creativity to push for solutions. Knowing I'm part of a movement that is helping women, trans and non-binary people is extremely rewarding."

how we work with men

In contrary to what our internet trolls might think; we're not man-haters. At the end of the day, we can’t achieve true diversity and inclusion at Cactus City without men on board. That’s why we work in tandem with our male allies to ensure a safe portal of harmony for all.

providing opportunities

Our company reflects the diversity and inclusion we aim to see throughout the music industry as a whole. We are making a conscious effort to create nurturing and supportive opportunities for young people to access a variety of careers.


want to work with us?

Currently, we don’t have any job opportunities on deck—however, stay connected with us on our social media channels for updates on new positions and opportunities to work with us.