Cactus City Ethos

cactus city  ETHOS

Cactus City's ethos shapes our core values. We apply our ethos through all the work we do, internally as employees and teammates, and externally with our users and in the wider world. We only work with organisations and companies who have similar values, or dedication to change and sustainable growth. 

  • Listen: We take the time to listen and educate ourselves on issues affecting women across all of the industry.  We understand that the viewpoints of others matter as everyone will experience and navigate the music industry in their own unique way. We understand that as we get older we will face new issues, and those that are younger than us may still be facing issues we faced before. 

  • Act to tackle root causes of inequality: We aim to act on the root causes of inequality and inequity to help tackle issues within the industry. We know that societal sexism plays a part in some of the issues women face within the industry, as well as the gender pay gap, lack of representation, unequal gender balance in classrooms to festival line ups. 

  • Focus on positive action: We focus on using positive action to help make a change in the music industry. We use our platforms to help raise awareness and educate others. 

  • Encourage others to make spaces safer: We aim to work with other UK recording studios and other major institutions to adopt better safeguarding policies for artists and creatives. 

  • Not to judge: At Cactus City, we’re a judgement free space. We believe the equality act doesn't go far enough in its definition of protected characteristics. We want to create a space where everyone feels welcomed and safe at our studio.

  • To be sustainable: We aim to be a sustainable recording studio by creating high quality sustainable merchandise, by thrifting and upcycling most of our furniture and decor and by using second hand equipment (when possible and when it’s not detrimental to the quality of sound!) We are open to donations of second hand working equipment, we can also look to fix items with minor defects - such as missing knobs.