Partnerships and Sister Orgs

We are not the only ones fighting for real change within the music industry. There are many organisations just like us that are doing their bit to make the creative industry safer for women and gender minorities. Change happens when we all team up and support each other through these tough climates. All of these sister orgs are changing the narrative and we are proud to be affiliated with them.

Our Friends



JVO is...



1994 is...


Help Musicians

Help Musicians is...


I am Arla

I Am Arla is...


The F List

The F List is...


We are the Unheard

We are the Unheard is...


Why should

 we work    together?

The many are stronger than the few. Like any great movement for equality, we cannot make real changes without standing shoulder to shoulder. 


The issues within the industry are diverse and far reaching. We know that we can only tackle our corner, BUT if we all work together in our own corners we will transform the institution as a whole.

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