The number of organisations dedicated to women in music is growing. Here you'll find our list of sister organisations.


As with all of the organisations we feature we have regular contact with those running the organisations we feature on our site.

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We are not the only ones fighting for real change within the music industry.

There are many organisations just like us that are doing their bit to make the creative industry safer for women and gender minorities. Change happens when we all team up and support each other through tough climates. All of these sister orgs are changing the narrative and we are proud to be affiliated with them. All our the organisations listed here have been pick by our community and we regularly keep in touch with them. 

I am Arla

I Am Arla is a women's wellness platform and a survivor's support network. We host safe space events, such as Story Slam, in partnership with I Am Arla. 


WalkSafe, founded by Emma, 

Key Change EU

The F List

Founded by Vick Bain, The F List is a directory of female and gender minority artists, DJs, and other musical professionals. 

UN Women UK

UN Women UK - Safe Spaces Now.


Founded by Chloe Mykel and Crystal Fearon

Girls of Grime

Founded by Shakira

Women In CTRL

Founded by Nadia Khan