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We Are On
a Break

We Are On
a Break

Cactus City are taking a lil break right now.

The work that we do here at Cactus City is tough and sometimes we need to pause our immediate day-to-day activities to ensure the work that we are doing long-term makes a real impact.

Q: What does this mean? Is Cactus splitting up?

A: ABSOLUTELY NOT! You can't get rid of us that easily. 

We assure you Cactus City is going nowhere. You can still apply to be on the Babes in Music blog and our playlist will be updated  BUT we will be slower to reply to emails, our socials will be a little quieter and our projects and events are on pause. 

We will be coming back bigger and better with actions that can make a difference. 

See you soon. Love Cactus City xXx

p.s Remember the only pr*ck in the studio should be on a cactus. 

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