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London studio Cactus City opens calls for evidence of misogyny in UK music industry

In June, the House Of Commons opened up a call for evidence of misogyny in the UK music industry, which is part of the Women And Equalities Committee’s ongoing Preventing Violence Against Women And Girls inquiry.

"Sexism within music has become so normalised that for a long time it was considered part of the job for many" - Vanessa Threadgold. 

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Here are some of the organisations advocating for marginalised genders’ safety in music spaces

From Cactus City to Pxssy Palace, here’s a few groups looking to ignite change in how studios, nightlife and the music industry as a whole protect the most marginalised.

In response to the outpour of support since officially launching in 2020, Cactus City have also released a ‘Charter of Good Practice’. “Our charter provides music studios – a place where many people first find themselves in the first stages of their career – a straightforward way to supplement any policies they may already have,” Salli explains. She points to the small mannerisms such as greeting everybody in the room when entering to arranging safe and accessible sessions – things that set boundaries in an often unregulated space. By setting these standards, the studio becomes a safer space for creative freedom for all to enjoy without fear of harassment.


How ‘Cactus City Studio’ is creating safe spaces for female and gender minority creatives in music

Cactus City Studio is a London-based organisation like no other in the UK. What sets this campaign apart is their commitment to creating safe spaces for women and gender minorities to write, record and produce music. Originally created in 2018, Cactus City has developed into a long-term project with aims to change the music industry for the better. 


‘Change The Record!’ on Int’l Women’s Day: Moving The Needle x Cactus City

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2022, Moving The Needle (MTN) – the educational support group – will co-host a ‘Change The Record’ event with The Ministry and Cactus City Studio at The Ministry SE1, from 5.30-11:30pm on Wednesday 9th March. The event is designed to meet this year’s IWD theme to help #BreakTheBias on gender in the UK music industry. Cocktails provided by Shake Baby Shake.


London-based organisation Cactus City Studio are calling on people to take part in their survey which will be used in a report as part of their misogyny in music inquiry submission.

Speaking to Best Fit, Cactus City Studio Managing Director Vanessa Threadgold explained that the organisation is "dedicated to making the industry safer and more welcoming for women in music." Threadgold also said that the recording studio was closed during covid, and the team "developed into an organisation for wider change."

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