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Junior A&R 6-Month Project

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ABOUT cactus city


Cactus City is an organisation dedicated to making the music industry safer for women and gender minorities - our aim is to tackle the root causes of the problems we see stemming from misogyny to socio-economic problems.


We want to tear down the barriers people face at the beginning of their careers in music. We don't use volunteers - everyone who works for us is employed. We don't believe people should have to work for free to get their "big break" in the industry.

This project is to give young, underrepresented individuals a chance to start their career in the music industry. 

WORKING FOR cactus city

At Cactus City Studio we have undertaken the pledge to pay the UK Living Wage to all staff, freelancers and third-party members of staff. We pay the London Living Wage to all staff, regardless of whether they are based in London or not. 


Staff work a four-day week


Days agreed with your manager


Flexible working 


You’ve heard about the 5am club, people who get up extra early to fit things in. Not everyone is an early bird. We allow flexible working, you can start between 8am or 10am, whichever suits you best, in order to 


You’ll have core hours, in which meetings will take place with your team to be agreed with your manager, but around that you can schedule your work as you’d like, so long as you manage to meet your deadlines. Your manager can help you with time management should you find yourself to be struggling. 


Working from home 


Most of our team members work from home. On occasions they need to be in the studio, or on location, we pay travel expenses and if there’s a late finish we will provide you with travel home. 




At Cactus City Studio, we want to lead by example:


We want the music industry to be a more holistically healthy place.


Therefore we reject hustle mentality. 


Want to leave space for creative and personal pursuits - we don’t think people should have to live for work. Work should enable you to live. Of course, for a lot of us here and for many in the music industry our job is our life. But it’s healthy to take breaks, and find joy in other things. 



For this project, we are working with young people to work on a mini-release in collaboration with artist management label JVO.

Our recruits get to experience different areas of the music industry to help guide their future career paths. They are working closely with an artist on a mini-release, which means they are developing skills in:

about THE

  • Digital marketing - social media management, audience targeting, user engagement, blogging, website management, basic SEO, copywriting and devising an overall release campaign. 

  • PR - engaging with press, writing for the media, building networks, and understanding the media’s role in an artist’s release campaign. 

  • Working with artists - to develop a positive working relationship and to better understand individual creative processes. 

  • Working in a recording studio - you will get first-hand experience working with artists and producers in a recording studio setting. 

  • Networking - you will be supported in attending networking events and creating a better network within the music industry.

  • Live events - you will plan and work on a live performance event. 

  • Publishing - you will learn the basics of music publishing and what it takes to release original music via multiple platforms and mediums.

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They receive additional training and talks from music industry experts on: 
  • Diversity and language

  • The basics of music production

  • Artist management 

  • Digital marketing


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By setting these standards, the studio becomes a safer space for creative freedom for all to enjoy without fear of harassment.



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