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Meet Team Cactus

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Q . Are you a paying employer? 

A. Cactus City is proud to be Real Living Wage Employer. We believe that everyone should be paid for the work they do. For far too long, the music industry has existed on the back of free labour! 'Exposure' does pay our bills or feed our kids and the practice HAS to stop. In fact, we are so committed to ensuring the industry pays people, that we refuse to work with anyone who does not pay artists or abuses 'interns'. If you DO wish to donate your time, we offer mentorship programs or you can simply help us by sharing our posts and getting involved. 

Q . What's it like working at Cactus City? 

A. Feel free to ask any of our team. We think it's mint! We care for our staff's well-being above anything else. We provide consistent training to ensure our team are progressing professionally AND we offer duvet days and offer support where needed - our job is tough sometimes. We even have a book club!

Q . I love Cactus City where can I apply?

A. we are sad to say we do not have any positions available at the moment but keep checking our careers pages, subscribe to our newsletters and follow our socials because you'll be the first to know! 

Q . Do you work with boys? 

A. Contrary to what our internet trolls might think; we're not man-haters. At the end of the day, we can’t achieve true diversity and inclusion at Cactus City without men on board. That’s why we work in tandem with our male allies to ensure a safe portal of harmony for all.

Q . How can I access your resources? 

A. We are here to help in any way we can. First stop check out our resources page on this site. 

cactus city - Alumni

"Striving for music equality is a complex problem. But through working at Cactus City, I have been able to develop strategies and use my creativity to push for solutions. Knowing I'm part of a movement that is helping women, trans and non-binary people is extremely rewarding."

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