The first of its kind in the UK. Cactus City Studio started as a London based feminist recording studio like no other, designed to be a safe space for women and gender minorities to write, record, produce and express themselves. 

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Cactus City now wants to define the industry for the better. We aim to work with some of the best UK recording studios and other major institutions to encourage them to adopt better safeguarding policies for artists and creatives. You can find out more about how we are working on this, by checking out the Cactus City Charter

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We support the Cactus City Charter of Good Practice


We launched our charter of good practice in late 2021. Our charter encourages other studios to revisit and apply best practice to their creative spaces. 


A list of organisations who are working to make the industry a more equitable place and studios run or owned by women. 

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Even a small donation goes a long way to change the lives of women and gender minorities in music

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"More power to people like Cactus City who have created a female only studio. It's embarrassing for men that a space like that is even needed. But big up Vanessa and the work she does there."

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