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5 Female DJ’s taking the world by storm

5 female djs taking the world by storm

I’m sure you’ve heard of male DJs such as David Guetta, Calvin Harris and Diplo, but do you know many big name female DJs? As you’ve probably expected, the DJ community in music is still as underrepresented as the rest of the music industry when it comes to women.

We have curated this post to shout out some of our favourite female DJs who are taking the world by storm.

Alison Wonderland

Australian DJ, producer and cellist is a huge bass music producer. Trained in classical music and specialising in cello, it makes sense that her bass parts are so huge in her music. Her Debut album Run was released in 2015 and since then has been someone to watch. It secured the top spot on US Dance and since has had plenty of hit singles such as Lost My Mind and Messiah.

She is now a go-to headliner for any big festival and is the highest billed DJ in Coachella history. She is outspoken about her support for mental health, having frequently shared her experiences with her fans.

Honey Dijon

If you haven’t heard of Honey Dijon, you are seriously missing out. She has paved the way for underground electronic music with her genre melding sets that lure everyone to the dance floor. She is highly active in the fashion world too, having curated music for Louis Vuitton’s men’s show. As a trans artist, she has been a vocal advocate for trans awareness and rights, talking about her experience as a black trans woman DJ.

Nina Kravis

The Russian dentist turned DJ is known for her erratic music. She has a unique twist of musical influences when DJing which she attributes to her early love for jazz and acid techno. Even if you haven’t heard her music, you can imagine what it sounds like when the opposite ends of her music tastes overlap.

She has created a name for herself in a relatively short time and is now one of the world's biggest female DJs, having toured around the UK, Germany, France, Italy, USA, Greece, Turkey on various festival lineups.

Peggy Gou

The South Korean DJ rose to fame for having multiple genre sets, such as House and Disco. Her singles Starry Night and It Makes You Forget are some of the biggest songs she’s made in her career. She moved from Korea to London at 14 to learn English. She’s not only a DJ and producer, but a fashion designer too.

Anja Schneider

Anja hails from techno capital Germany. Her style? Deep house and progressive sounds.Like all the other DJs included in this post, she is multi-talented. She has presented on radio stations KissFM and Fritz Radio and also founded Mobilee Records.

We all know that the music industry can become a hostile environment for women over a certain age, with women viewed as having an expiry date. It is empowering that Anja has stayed in the industry for so long.

Send us the female DJ’s you love!


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