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Atomic Kitten Label The Music Industry As Ageist

Atomic Kitten label the music industry as ageist.
Image via Peacock TV.

Ahead of Atomic Kitten’s reunion tour, the girl group has labelled the music industry as ageist.

The comment was made whilst the group reacted to an episode of Peacock show Girls5eva, where a girl group from the 90s reunite almost 20 years later.

Whilst watching the clip, Natasha unleashed her thoughts. “Do you know what I am sick of? In the industry, it’s like it’s not below 25 like you’ve had your day.” following up with, “No, bitches, we are back.”

This isn’t the first time that the music industry has been labelled ageist. Pop icon Kylie Minogue opened up about ageism in the music industry in 2018 "[On] my previous album promotion, I was just asked so much about having an answer for being a woman my age in the industry," she said."I just didn't know the answer and I was getting really frustrated. I do have to rise above sometimes, I've trained myself to do that."

She also admitted that she wished she had stood her ground more when Atomic Kitten were starting in the music industry after they agreed to do things they didn’t want to do.

“When we were younger, sometimes it was like, ‘Jump’ and we’d say, 'how high?’, and we ended up doing a lot of shit that we didn’t want to do.”

Liz also mentioned that she struggles with her mental health, too. “I was - and even until recently afraid of a lot of stuff, my anxiety was through the roof.”

More artists are speaking out against ageism in the music industry, but is the music industry listening? There's a need for change to be made across the board to create longevity for women within the music industry and top music industry positions.

You can watch Atomic Kitten’s review of ‘Girls5eva’ along with the first season on Sky and NOW in the UK & Ireland.


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