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In Conversation with Essex based vocalist, Bee Arnold

Bee Arnold releases Bad Habits
Image via Bee Arnold

There is no better summer anthem than Bee Arnold's, Bad Habits. Bee is new on our radar- with her bright pink hair and signature vocal style she not one to be missed.

How did you get into music?

I've grown up with a very musical family so I think I was born into loving it. Even when I was little, I used to always say I wanted to grow up and be a pop star.

What makes you inspired?

Besides other music and musicians, I would say life in general is the biggest inspiration. It's how I feel I communicate and show my emotions.

How did you find your sound?

It took me a long time to find my sound. I love a lot of different genres of music so have a lot of different influences. I think the best way to describe it is trial and error.

Who are your influences?

My main influence 'musically' is Dua Lipa but others such as Ariana Grande, Zara Larsson and Anne Marie have inspired me massively over the years.

Bee Arnold with pink hair posing in zebra top
Image via Bee Arnold

What is the inspiration behind Bad Habits?

I wrote this track the morning after big night out that was meant to be 'one drink'. It's a song that I feel anyone who is trying to cut down on the big nights out but keeps finding themselves staying out till 4am can relate too. I'm definitely a party animal at heart but forever trying to be sensible with my choices.

What was the writing process like?

I literally wrote this song lying in bed with my guitar. Once I was happy with the demo, I took the song to a producer called Jamie at a local studio who originally produced the track as more of a pop/R&B song. Covid kind of held me back in terms of releasing and when I was finally ready to release the song, I realised the track didn't fit my vibe. It was too much of a different style and I had gone off certain elements in the instrumental. That's when I started to work with another producer, Oliver Winters who helped create a more Lo-Fi/Funk Pop beat with the original stems. I didn't want to lose the whole vibe but mainly just to change the drums and a few other parts of the song to suit my style now.

How do you make your studio sessions feel comfortable?

For me it's all about the people. If I don't feel a good vibe with who I'm writing with I won't feel comfortable. Obviously, a nice location can help too but after writing for a couple years on zoom it's not a necessity.

Bee Arnold with pink hair wearing pink tutu style dress looking into the camera
Image via Bee Arnold

What advice do you have for aspiring musicians who are also gender minorities?

Keep going! Keep learning! And keep growing! It's so important to keep at it and do what you love. Enjoy the journey and make amazing memories

How would you like to see the music industry change for women and gender minorities?

I would love to see more equality in music. It would be great to see more of us support one another too. I think there's not enough of that, too many people see other artists as competition but really, I feel we all bring something different to the table and should be celebrating our wins together.

What was the recording process like?

It feels like I recorded the vocals to this song about a million times. I firstly recorded them with Jamie before the pandemic and then also re wrote the song a few times with a friend of mine 'Tori' who I wrote my previous release TOXIC with. I recorded these vocals too but then decided I wanted to go back to the original ones and rerecorded them again in my bedroom for Olivier when he was finishing the track.

You are also a vocal coach and perform at weddings. What have you learnt from that?

I love music and love seeing its effect on people. Teaching singing has been great for helping me keep myself well practiced too. It's also great to see others grow and reach their musical goals from something you have helped with. The weddings are magical. My favourite part of being a wedding singer is singing people down the aisle. To be asked to play such a big part in a couple's day is such an honour and I love it.

Bee Arnold's newest release Bad Habits. single cover
Bad Habits- Bee Arnold Single Cover

Stream Bad Habits here:


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