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Latto Proclaims an Artist On Her Upcoming Album Tried to Sleep With Her For Their Featured Verse

Unpacking Latto’s saddening, yet damming statement.

Image via RCA.

Latto Proclaims an Artist On Her Upcoming Album Tried to Sleep With Her For Their Featured Verse

TW: Sexual Assault and Abuse

Atlanta-based rapper Latto (formerly known as Mulatto) has recently come out to break the news that a currently anonymous artist on her upcoming sophomore album, 777, tried to have sex with her to clear their song contributions.

Speaking with Big Boy TV in a promotional interview for her 777 LP, Latto opened up when asked about the struggles she’s faced throughout the music business.

“I’m clearing my album right now and it’s been, like, difficult to deal with these men, you know what I’m saying? They don’t know how to keep it business,” Latto stated. “I’m just keeping 100. It’s a feature on my album that it was difficult to clear, and they like trying to drop their nuts on me because I won’t respond to a DM.”

“I love the song so much and I had to turn it in yesterday, so I didn’t really have a choice,” she explained. “So, I was backed into a corner, like, bullied. But I wish more females would speak up on stuff. I know like the label didn’t [step up]; they say, ‘You know, don’t do that. It’s bad business,’ or whatever. Man, these folks be trying to drop nuts on female rappers, like I’m not gonna shut up about it.”

Although Latto’s statement is a worrying predicament for the music industry—it’s sadly not an isolated incident, nor is it uncommon. Time and time again in the industry, women are often facing abuse or sexualisation for unsolicited male gratification.

Latto added: “We tolerate too much. We think like, ‘Oh well that just comes with the game, being a female rapper.’ No, it shouldn’t, though. How they do female rappers, it’s so lame. Because I won’t respond to your DM? For real?”

Latto’s rightful grievances with the artist in question—and the industry in general—are more than warranted. However, if the patriarchal power structure of the music biz and other “outspoken” women in music is anything to go off, Latto may sadly face a blackballing of sorts.

There were rumours that the 23-year-old rapper’s album was getting pushed back as a result of the controversy. However, the rapper claimed her album is not pushed back via Twitter yesterday. Our platform at Cactus City aims to dismantle the abuse countless women face throughout the music industry to hopefully, one day make Latto’s claims null and void.

We must reiterate our support for Latto through her turbulent time putting out her album. We advocate that fans and those engaging on her social media remain kind and supportive.

Latto’s 777 is scheduled to drop this Friday.


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