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The Season Finale Of Not A Groupie- Party At The MU With Naomi Pohl

If you haven’t listened to Not A Groupie before now- what on earth have you been doing?!

Sophie and Naomi are smiling with a microphone next to them in a golden frame
Not A Groupie season finale episode with Naomi Pohl

In September we launched our careers podcast, Not A Groupie, featuring the most prominent (and badass) women in their fields telling other women how they navigated the music industry.

This week we are bringing you our season finale of Not A Groupie with our very special guest, Naomi Pohl, General Secretary of the Musicians’ Union. We talk to Naomi about her personal experiences as a mother in the industry as well as what the Musicians’ Union are doing to combat misogyny in the music industry, touching upon the overwhelming response of their ‘Safe Space’ Tool.

“I’m still getting reports of really inappropriate behaviour. Sadly, I think that the people who are behaving this way don’t even realise what they are doing... You might just think it’s a joke, it’s a bit of banter, but what you don’t realise is how uncomfortable it’s making people feel.” Naomi Pohl on the findings that 48% of musicians have been sexually harassed at work (MU, 2019).

Alongside sexual harassment in the music industry, Naomi talks about the changes she wants to make within the culture of the Musicians’ Union and outside music industry towards parents and childcare.

From all of us at Not A Groupie we want to say a massive thank you to all of our guests, listeners and sponsors. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Watch the interview:

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