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North London’s fastest rising female rapper SB releases her debut EP ‘Off Licence’.

SB Off Licence EP launch
Image via 1994 Collective

Freshly Crowned as one of Complex’s 24 ‘UK Rappers to Watch’, North London’s fastest rising female rapper SB releases her debut EP ‘Off Licence’.

SB! Thank you for speaking to me today. First off congratulations on your release. You have created a tasty 6 track EP. How does it feel to release your first EP?

Thank you! It feels really good, the response & feedback I’ve received has all been great, so I'm happy. I feel like Ive proved something to myself with this EP.

You have 2 collaborations on this piece of work, one with female rapper LaVida Loca. How was it to collaborate with another woman in such a male dominated rap scene?

It was amazing working with Lavida. She just gets things done with no hassle. We both make a similar style of music so she was the perfect fit for New New & especially because the theme of the song is women empowerment.

SB releases debut EP Off Licence
Image via 1994 Collective.

You’re a very talented storyteller. There are a lot of different themes within this EP. My favourite being the empowerment of women. Talk us through some of the themes in your EP.

I wanted the EP to include different types of rap songs not just “real rap”. So the intro was me making an announcement and letting everyone know that I’m here & I’m about to take off. ‘Outside’ theme is a more jumpy party, vibe with your friends type of track. New New is all about women empowerment & being a boss without help from men. Then “is it alright” is my idea of a love song without being soppy lol. Then ‘know me’ & ‘I remember’ is my signature sound with the theme being a deeper insight into my personal life.

“Finally done owing HMPPS anymore of my precious time and the freedom feels so fucking great. My probation officer asked me how will I celebrate coming off licence and I wasn’t sure - but, I never do things conventionally so why start now? So with that said, the best way for me to end a chapter and move on to the next would be to release an EP."- SB

Talk us through the recording process.

The recording process was a breeze. All the songs selected were originally recorded as demo’s so it was just a case of re-recording and tweaking things like the beats or arrangements. I recorded at Mache Money studios (H Moneda’s studio) with one of my fave engineers JayJforty7. I had my team with me throughout the process for moral support & they help to get the best out of me. I really value their opinions when it comes to what I’m recording.

SB releases debut EP Off Licence
Image via 1994 Collective

What initially drew you to music?

Music's part of my DNA! Creating music is something I feel the most comfortable doing & it brings me real joy. It’s been there for me when I had no voice, through tough situations & when I’ve wanted to express myself. I wanted to be singer when I was kid then I started rapping as a teen but lost my self confidence so stopped. Fast forward to now, everything's come full circle & I’m doing exactly what has been destined for me!

What are your hopes for the future of rap?

I hope rap gets to a place where women are treated fairly & are recognised and respected for their talent & achievements. Also, I hope that men co signs are not needed for people to take us seriously.

What is the best piece of musical advice you’ve ever received?

You can never practice enough & always be prepared. But most importantly, do multiple takes until its right! Lol

What advice do you have for women entering the music industry?

Trust your gut. Everyone’s winging it so don’t overthink everything & don’t mix business with pleasure.

Last, how do you think the music industry can be made safer for all?

I think there needs to be more respect - respect towards people, respecting boundaries & respecting differences.

Off Licence SB
Image via 1994 Collective

To stream off Licence listen here:


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