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Soft Pop Musician Sukie Unveils All About New Song, Heart Emoji

Sukie Records lying down with a green and white check dress and pink platform boots
Image via Sukie

Meet Sukie, Bristol based alt-pop musician. She has recently released her track Heart Emoji, which has been proven to boost serotonin. We caught up with her about the inspiration behind the track, her favourite lyric and the meaning behind it and how important it is to give women and gender minorities a voice.

How would you explain your music to someone who has never listened to you before?

I tend to just describe it as soft pop, but I’m not sure that’s what it is anymore. It’s probably more like ‘pop that’s a little bit weird for people who grew up listening to Britney and the spice girls’.

What was the inspiration behind, Heart Emoji?

I wrote the demo of it in lockdown. Me and my partner had just moved cities and we didn’t know anyone there for a year, it was a really lonely experience and I had such a longing for life before covid, when my friends lived a 10 minute walk away. I missed being stupid and getting a bit drunk and going dancing in gross clubs. I just felt so much loneliness and longing, and it stemmed from there.

How did you write it? Music first? Lyrics? Melody?

Lyrics and melody definitely came first. I tend to write with a theme or a feeling in mind, so the words always come before anything else.

What is your favourite lyric in Heart Emoji and why?

“carpeted club floor, out here with Koko”. I just think it’s such a fun reference that no one would really get. Basically, if my partner was born a girl, his parents would have called him Koko (great name). And being the Big Old Bisexual that I am, I like to imagine that in an alternate reality I’m dating Koko.

Suki wearing a purple gingham skirt, pink platform boots, white frilly top, cherry earrings looking at the camera. The photo is taken from the side on with a blue background.
Image via Sukie

You worked with Duncan Pym to produce the record. How was the recording process?

Ah it was so fun, it was actually the first ever writing session that I had done with anyone other than my partner, so it was pretty scary. But Duncan is the loveliest and made it a super exciting experience. There’s nothing more satisfying than starting the day with nothing and ending the session with a whole new song that didn’t exist before, I just think that’s the coolest thing.

What song do you wish that you wrote?

Toxic by Britney Spears. Of course.

Dream collab?

I’ve been obsessed with up-coming artist Josie Man and would loooove to work with her! She’s very visually/aesthetically oriented like me and I love the idea of working with people in more ways than just song-writing - like doing all the artwork together too.

Sukie wearing a knitted vest and white shirt looking at the camera with her head in her hands with a pink background behind her.
Image via Sukie

What for you has been a career highlight so far?

Making the Heart Emoji music video. It took so much time and effort to pull together and the filming day was just an absolute dream - seeing all my visions come to life was beyond amazing. At the end of filming me and my friend Lilly (who was directing with me) just burst into tears because we were so overwhelmed by everyone coming together to make our silly little video. Everyone was like ‘are you okay?’ and we were just sobbing saying ‘yeah we’re just so happy’ hahaha

What advice would you give to a woman entering the music industry?

You can stay soft if you need to. I feel like we are so bombarded with the idea of not getting anywhere if you’re not a ‘strong’ woman, but I don’t think that’s true. Be a softie if that’s what you are. I definitely am.

How would you like to see the music industry change for women and gender minorities?

Less sexism for us would be great haha. That’s kind of all I want. Women and non binary people are fucking amazing, stop booking so many skinny white boys who want to be Noel Gallagher and start putting more she/theys on festival slots hahaha.

Heart Emoji Single Cover for Sukie's new single. Pink background with a pink heart i the background. An illustration of Sukie wearing the same outfit as her music video.
Sukie Heart Emoji Single Cover

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