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"It Was a Rollercoaster" From Indie Label To Independently Releasing Music With Tara

Tara Flanagan wearing an orange dress in front of a metal gate
Image via Tara

Newcomer Tara releases her second single 'Back To Earth' which graces our ears with relaxed vibes only. We caught up with her the inspo behind the song, performing at London Fashion Week and what she learnt from being signed to an indie label.

Talk us through the inspiration behind Back to Earth...

I wrote “Back To Earth'' as a care-free, love song. It’s about feeling lost but meeting the right person that makes you feel like you’re on the right track again - everything feels effortless and there’s no pressure. It’s the exciting, easy feeling of falling in love. I talk a lot about being lost in the song… which is completely accurate. I’m forever getting lost around London though I’ve been here for 3 years - I seem to have no sense of direction! I hope it’s the type of song that people can relate and relax with.

You worked with Billy Keane to produce your record, how much did the track change from writing it to the finished version now?

This was the first song I worked on with Billy and the first day we met. We spent some time getting to know my sound. A singer-songwriter pop style with a subtle jazz/soul influence. It was a really natural collaboration - the ball rolled really quickly and we got the first verse and chorus down in a couple hours. The track actually started a lot more “pop-py” and gradually transformed into a more lo-fi jazzy pop vibe. I love the song and it was such a pleasure to write it with Billy who is so talented. It really feels like me as an artist and I remember at the session feeling like this was the start of something very exciting!

Image via Tara

You were signed to an indie label and are now independent- how does it feel to reclaim your freedom?

It was a rollercoaster of a journey. It’s hard for independent artists - being seen and getting the right support is a challenge so when you hear that someone wants to invest in you, you get excited. However my experience with this label was not so good. They were very unprofessional and this affected my artistry. To finally be free from them and independent again was a really refreshing feeling. I actually found out the label got closed down a few months ago, which in turn meant that all the songs I worked on with them during my contract reverted back to me! It was an incredible feeling.

What did you learn from being signed to a label?

I learnt to trust your gut. I was sceptical before signing but thought I had nothing to lose. When I actually learnt that your integrity as an artist is far more valuable. The experience has made me more careful when trusting people and has also encouraged me to work harder on my own and to back myself all the way.

How was performing at London Fashion Week? Were you calm and composed or riddled with nerves. I think I’d be the latter.

You’re not wrong! I was so excited for such an incredible opportunity, however I was nervous to perform at such a prestigious event, especially whilst walking on a runway… I was put into a stunning blue gown by one of the designers with a big trail and I was so nervous I was going to stack it… I actually almost tripped but thankfully no one saw it underneath the dress haha. It was an amazing experience - there were lots of photographers waiting at the end of the runway and I felt like a star.

Image via Tara

You also work at a centre for disabled adults where you run music sessions, what do the sessions involve and how has it shaped you personally as an artist?

I’m lucky to work with such amazing people. I run music sessions which include singing familiar songs that the customers know and teaching Makaton, a form of sign language for songs each week. We have lots of fun and play games and dance - they always put a smile on my face and remind me why I do music - because I love it and because others love it too. It so powerful seeing the joy it can bring other people and each week the centre inspires me as an artist.

What can we expect from you next?

I am SO thrilled to have Back To Earth out. I’ve been working hard on my new EP which will be out soon. I have another single coming out at the end of the year - so keep an eye out on my socials for teasers. I really hope you guys like my new music!

Stream Back to Earth here:

Stream Back to Earth here:


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