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Vocal extraordinaire VALNTNA releases her newest EP, Shadow Work

VALNTNA Shadow Work EP

VALNTNA is the vocal goddess you need to listen to. She graced us with her presence at the Cactus City Charter Launch event and we’ve non stop listened to her since. Her unique alternative styling alongside her one of a kind vocal tone, she is bound to have you intrigued and in awe.

How would you describe your sound?


How would you say Shadow Work has evolved from your previous singles?

My singles were part of the bigger picture which is the EP ‘ Shadow Work ’ so I guess the evolvement of it all is that you get to experience the whole story rather than just chapters of it .

VALNTNA Shadow Work

What is your favourite track on your EP and why?

They are all my favourite if i'm honest .. I feel each song has its own story that I hold dear to my heart , they all play an important part to my healing journey and that’s what my EP is all about !!

What have you learnt since releasing your last few singles?

I’ve learnt that everyone will resonate with each song differently and it’s a beautiful thing as each song represents a different stage of my growth.

Your vocal ability is incredible! Silky smooth vocals, incredible technique with a range like none other. How has your vocal style changed within the years?

Thank you so much :) I’ve definitely grown a lot vocally over the years. I’m a lot more free with the way I express myself vocally which has played a massive part in the way my vocal style has evolved.

I feel I'll never stop learning about my voice and it’s ability, it always has a way of showing me I have so much more to give.

What female artists are on your radar right now?

I’m loving Little Simz, Sipprell, Shaè Universe, NAO, Jaz Karis, Tiana Major9, Adele, ARI Lennox, Vanjess.

What advice would you give to women staring off in the music industry?

Always stay true to who you are, your gift is unique to you! Never give up on yourself no matter how hard it may get and how discouraged you may feel. Always bet on yourself!!

Don’t fear change .. there’s so much beauty in feeling uncomfortable if you allow yourself to embrace it. Always remember ‘whatever makes you uncomfortable is your biggest opportunity for growth’. More importantly enjoy the journey :)

VALNTNA Shadow Work

Listen to Shadow Work here:


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