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Amy Moore

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Finding her feet as a drummer-chick from the age of 11, singer-songwriter and multi instrumentalist Amy Moore claims melodic drum lines are simply in her DNA. Always finding herself as the only girl behind the kit, she found a love for being on stage and rocking out just as hard as the big boys.

Now, Amy Moore is one of the big boys. With a lot to say and the right words to say it, Moore has taken her love of rhythm and added meaning, discovering her love for country music on the way. 


Following a series of single releases that have garnered the attention of BBC Introducing, BBC Bristol , Bath Sound Radio and countless stations, Amy Moore's debut EP 'Free Spirit' was released last month
The 4 track debut EP 'Free Spirit' was recorded at Puzzlemaker Studios, this body of work is the perfect soundtrack to transition from the Summer months into Autumn evenings, and is sure to transition Moore from newbie to a common country name.


Honestly I'm a through and through muso. Anything with a musical element which reaches out to me will inspire me and send my mind into that frenzy. One day I'd like to be on a big stage with some awesome musicians putting on a big show, but I'm lucky to already have had some opportunities to do that already. To let me songs grow into whatever they can be is my dream!

Alyssa Bonagura, Gavin Degraw, or maybe Bryan Adams! I've so many inspirational musicians I'd love to work with!


Stay firm to what you originally set out to do. Life is full of distractions and side quests or people that ask extra of you but stay true to your own path and those who support that will meet you there.

I'm currently enjoying Quincy Jones 12 Notes... its especially inspirational for musicians. Would recommend!


I'm a fan girl of Alyssa Bonagura, her songwriting and general persona is just perfection.


I can't promise to be the most knowledgeable on this area. But from my experience, I honestly would simply love for people to know when they are being undermining or patronising. To get to a day when folks give out praise without it having underlying patronising tones or allude to undermining the hard work that goes into a musical career would be a happy place for me!


Follow my socials! Stream my music, contact me on socials to buy a physical EP. Share posts and tag content... it all helps!

Hey you, wanna feature on our cactus city blog


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