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Welcome to the Cactus City Babes in Music Blog. Here we serve you some of the best in music, from artists, producers, promoters - if they're a babe in music, they're here. 


Every article is written and curated by YOU. We're all about championing diverse voices and offer our platform to people who often are not heard in the music industry. We want this space to be a place to advocate for yourself whilst championing others.


TW: Sometimes our babes talk about difficult topics so please pay attention to trigger warnings.


Georgia Johnson

When writing music I tend to focus mostly on lyrics, I love to have the most gut-wrenching lines with the brightest guitar tones. I love to have a hint of ambience in my music which is why some would describe it as Shoegaze. I believe as musicians develop their music changes, which is why I’ve never completely stuck to one genre. I tend to gig live as possibly much as I can, whilst releasing singles/ new music on the side.

Lady Larke

I am a female music artist and I have JUST released my debut single!


Well I am Izzii Grace a queer indie pop artist who writes songs about personal experiences, mental health and well, my tragic dating life! After graduating uni I started spending hours creating electropop covers of other songs to making my own electropop singles and EP in my parents cellar to now performing my songs with an amazing band and merging my electropop sound with an indie and R&B twist.

Meraki Bey

I am a music producer, singer and songwriter who likes to delve into a variety of genres as well as experiment with different sounds.

Precious Waite

I am a Rapper/MC, Songwriter, and Producer offering an eclectic style that synthesises Hip-hop, Reggae and Garage music, creating my alternative genre, which captures and reflects nostalgic feelings.

Tracey Ebanks

I'm a Babe in music that discovered I had this ability in my 50s, quite by accident. I want to share my creations with the world and encourage other females that they can do it and find it therapeutic too.

Amy Moore

Finding her feet as a drummer-chick from the age of 11, singer-songwriter and multi instrumentalist Amy Moore claims melodic drum lines are simply in her DNA. Always finding herself as the only girl behind the kit, she found a love for being on stage and rocking out just as hard as the big boys.

Now, Amy Moore is one of the big boys. With a lot to say and the right words to say it, Moore has taken her love of rhythm and added meaning, discovering her love for country music on the way. 

Seren Mehmet

I’m a babe who recently started mixing. I’m 32 and a surfer gal who needed a creative outlet whilst recovering from a serious surf injury, and found dj’ing.

I work full time for Google as a Technical Recruiter whilst living full time in Cornwall. I also run a successful small business importing Balinese homeware to the UK/Cornwall.

I really needed something to challenge to me and help lose myself in without relying on physical activity, which was difficult for me as surf and exercise have been my key outlet for mental health for years.

Annie Rew Shaw (aka Austel)

I'm an artist-producer based in London. Alongside releasing music under my alias Austel, I've recently completed an MA in Creative Music Production researching the gender imbalance in music audio, co-produced an all-female garage anthem in support of the Lionesses at the Women's World Cup, and am now working on several new projects with really exciting upcoming artists.

My music has been championed by the likes of BBC 6 Music, The Line Of Best Fit, O2 Music & Fresh On The Net. As a session musician, I have supported Fleet Foxes, and headlined the Leftfield stage at Glastonbury Festival. As Austel, I've headlined multiple shows in the UK, and performed Sofar Sounds gigs in London, Berlin & New York.

Nathalie Miranda

Haha, I actually love the phrase 'babe in music', and I'm definitely a babe in music!
I'm an artist that refuses to be defined by genre or expectations. I create music that inspires me and in turn I can only hope that it inspires others. I talk a lot about empowerment, freedom, liberation and self-acceptance in my songs. I believe that everyone should be allowed to express themselves as their truest self, and while that may not conform to some people's preconceptions, it will most definitely find its way to the people that are just waiting to hear your message.
As a woman in the music industry, I'm not afraid to push boundaries and most of my lyrics place the female in a position of power.
I'm so happy to be a babe in music :)


I am currently studying at the ACM in Birmingham on the production pathway. Seeing the under representation of female producers in the industry and my lived experience of domestic abuse, sexual exploitation and drug addiction I now use music to bring awareness and change for women that have faced these issues in society and music. Along the way I have created a creative collective called Females About Music with some of my fellow female creatives both at ACM and outside in the community. Music for me is sound and writing that can depict a story and be used to heal. I stand for connection, safety and the ethics that all women should have a right to be heard and be seen. My lived experience has shaped my writing, the translation of my pain and success coming out of these situations within the elements of music and visual creativity.

Sarah Carvalho

I'm a queer and trans indie-folk singer-songwriter, who writes about universal queer and trans experiences. I'm a massive advocate on helping to uproot queer and trans people, as our voices need to be heard and everyone deserves to be fully seen in the music they listen to.




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