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Bella Panic

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I have been working in the music industry since around 2009, I started out writing for You Love Her. I have collaborated over the years but now I am a music producer releasing my own work, out of my own label New Weird America Records based in London. The label champions women in the music biz because we need the most support right now, especially in the tech industries where most of the doors stay closed. So we have to kick them open.

I’m proud to be part of the 2.8% of music producers who are women surviving in the UK music industry today.


I have my self titled debut album coming out imminently and two singles from that album dropping before the end of the year.
I wrote it over the last three years during the pandemic, on the edge of the Mendips where I grew up.
I am the writer/lyricist, composer, singer and producer. I make my own music artwork by hand.


I meet a woman every day that inspires me, total strangers usually.
My partner is a horror novelist and he is inspiring to live with.
Old poetry books.
Patti Smith.
Stina Nordenstam.
Sci fi movies.
The Mendips.

I am open minded, but I have no one in mind. (I want to work with Vangelis but he is no longer with us! His debut album and following soundtracks were incredible and there’ll never be anyone else like him.)


People wield jealousy in the music industry as a very real weapon. Wise up: Be aware of that, and only trust your own creative/personal/professional opinion. It will protect any project you embark on.

Secondly, understand that nothing is free and no one is going to help you for nothing unless you have a very real friendship and professional relationship with them. You’ll know the difference in time so trust yourself.

Piranesi by Susanna Clarke, I haven’t finished it yet but it already seems to be an utter masterpiece. The author very rarely releases anything, I believe she is a professor, but what she does release is a work of art.


Devon Ross. She has good taste in music and seems like a chilled person.


It won’t change without us, but it won’t change with us just doing as we’re told.

Women and gender minorities need to take control of themselves and their work and help others like them to rise through the ranks- the power won’t be given to us because it’s not in anyone else’s interests or benefit to do so. So we have to go our own way.
Don’t waste your time sticking around in a system that was not built by us or for us.

Start your own label, teach yourself what you need to know, don’t rely on anyone and be the boss in your own corner of the industry.


Following the socials. Subscribing to email alerts through my website will help build momentum for the album, it’s coming out in the UK of course but most of the focus is in the US and Asia for it, but I don’t want to miss out my UK peeps x

Hey you, wanna feature on our cactus city blog


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