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Renée Brandsen

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Having moved to London from the Netherlands at 18, my mission is to inspire girls the world over, to make their own life and to embrace the duality and strength within them. i try to do this by making danceable anthems with influences from every genre n style, that express the multilayered-ness of women, and show my perspective on the journey from girl to woman. I embrace different influences and styles from jazz to garage in my latest track, reflecting the contradicting layers that exist within us.


CALL U MINE speaks on the indecisiveness that I feel as a young woman in and out of love. It represents my lover, and my huntress side: my need for love, and my desire to focus on my goals. I fall quickly and deeply, in and out, and often find myself between wanting love, and wanting to be left alone.

I feel as though pop music only shows either of two perspectives - you’re the bad independent bitch or the lover. I wanted to embrace these two sides within myself equally, instead of polarising them, and write something myself and other girls could relate to, while keeping it lighthearted and fun to listen or workout to.


I’m inspired by my collaborators, largely female artists who are passionate about telling their story, in an unconventional style that refuses to stay in a box. I also listen to a lot of up and coming artists like Lana Lubany, Remi Wolff, - a nice mix of eclectic writers who know who they are and prove that there isn't one way to be a woman in music, and be successful.

Thinking big - I would love to work with RAYE, cause she's written so many styles, and just keeps exploring and telling her story as a woman in music, without apology - which is my goal! I'd also love to work with Rosa Linn, the Armenian 'SNAP'-singer - writing with women is such a grounding, cathartic experience and we both have similar things to prove, as women from small European countries trying to make it internationally. I'd love to tell our stories and represent together!


Self-acceptance is step number one - the moment you start rejecting yourself, you kill yourself creatively. say what you're about, not what you think might become popular. and : collab, collab, collab. send that dm, cause the most valuable relationships I've got started from me reaching out to them. we need more of each other!!

'Girl, Woman, Other ' by Bernadine Evaristo which tells the stories of 12 Black British women, and talks about the intersection of identity. Very interesting and eye-opening for people who want to learn more about each other.


Lana Lubany, an up and coming american-palestinian musician who blends arabic and western influences in her music - who I went to uni with! I also really enjoy Omar Apollo's latest album.


If I had a pound for every time someone told me to choose a genre - I'd be rich enough to stop waitressing and do music fulltime! Women should be encouraged to explore different genres, the way Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars were. I'd love to see more representation of women originating from places outside of the big cities in the uk/us, because we are so often overlooked while we have enough talent, passion and potential to be as big as the rest !


Stream 'call u mine' and follow me on ig where I share more of my passion with you!!

Hey you, wanna feature on our cactus city blog


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