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Well I am Izzii Grace a queer indie pop artist who writes songs about personal experiences, mental health and well, my tragic dating life! After graduating uni I started spending hours creating electropop covers of other songs to making my own electropop singles and EP in my parents cellar to now performing my songs with an amazing band and merging my electropop sound with an indie and R&B twist.


I've had a couple of project recently, I released my latest single called High Priestess an indie pop dreamy tune about falling in love with yourself, accepting your growth and embracing your inner power!! Also a project I have on going is a new events company called Burnt Toast Presents!!!! We host events in aid of different charities and we showcase independent artists that reflect the charity we are supporting on the night.


Tbh the world around me, my friends and family and even all the little things. I have always struggled with my mental health and I didn't think I would make it this far so the little things that make life the rollercoaster that it is inspires me. Might seem kinda silly but I feel theres inspiration all around us!

Oh there's so many people!! Hayley Williams for sure, 100%, Lawrence, the band Couch, Chappell, Le Sserafim and Stromae... so much talent and just to be in the same room with any of them would be incredible!


My advice would be take your time with what you do, don't rush it and respect your own boundaries. There can be so much pressure to feel like you're doing enough, meeting the right people and putting yourself out there enough but you can't do everything you want if you get burnt out or overwhelmed so be kind to yourself and know that you're on the right path!!

Oh yes!!! 100% the Rearranged Life of Oona Lockhart, it is amazing!!


who aren't I? Charlescantbreathe, Eliza May, Sarah Carvalho, Nivmh, Eden J Howells, Kizzie, Darcey Hope... theres so many to name!


MORE OPPORTUNITIES FOR WOMEN AND QUEER PEOPLE BEING PUT TO THE FRONT, more all women line ups, more queer artists being highlighted!!! Radio shows, gigs, interviews, performances like tiny desks but for independent artists!


Best way to support to me is well listen to my music and come along to my shows but also to support Burnt Toast, come to one or two or three of our events and check out the amazing charities and artists who we have perform on the night!!

Hey you, wanna feature on our cactus city blog


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