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Georgia Johnson

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When writing music I tend to focus mostly on lyrics, I love to have the most gut-wrenching lines with the brightest guitar tones. I love to have a hint of ambience in my music which is why some would describe it as Shoegaze. I believe as musicians develop their music changes, which is why I’ve never completely stuck to one genre. I tend to gig live as possibly much as I can, whilst releasing singles/ new music on the side.


The Moon is a song about dissociation and getting out of a toxic relationship. Pretty much feeling as though you’re on another planet or that you’re minds so spaced out, you wish you were on the moon. Between the slightly-romantic lyrics and, as I like to call them, ‘boygenius’ guitar tones, The Moon is the perfect combo of both!


Phoebe Bridgers, all day everyday.

Probably Lizzy McAlpine, her lyricism is perfection.


Don’t worry about your back up plans, if you want to produce music, do it in your own unique beautiful way, and make yourself happy. Also don’t worry about other people or any ‘competition’ that comes your way, sometimes it’s okay to let yourself be self-centered when it comes to your career!

Anything Yung Pueblo, his poetry inspires a lot of my feelings.


Noah Kahan!!!! What a beautiful music writer.


Equal genders on festival line-ups.


I’m on Spotify/Apple Music, all other platforms! I have an Instagram account over at @georgia.johnsonn, where I post all kinds of useless information about myself.

Hey you, wanna feature on our cactus city blog


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