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I am a music artist who makes R&B Pop.


My latest project is my first ep called ‘The Butterflies Died’ . It's the first body of work that I've done and something that I am really proud of. If you love Pop or R&B then I'm sure you’ll have an enjoyable listen.


The fear of regret inspires me right now. It sounds a tad morbid but I actually mean it in a happy sense. Chasing your dreams is hard, especially in an industry that is designed for the wealthy. It means sacrificing a lot and often not seeing the benefits until years later. I never want to not chase any of my dreams and then one day look back in regret or wonder ‘what if’ so that is keeping me going at the moment.

I would love to work with Coldplay one day, every interview I do it tends to change but there's something so special about their music to me and I'd just love to see what the song would sound like.


The advice that I would give is trust yourself, untimely you know best. Navigating this industry is a journey and no one knows what they are doing in the grand scheme of things. It's just all trial and error which can be scary but beautiful. Stand firm in what you want for you even if you’re unsure, allow yourself grace and time to find out what it is you want.

I recommend Dorthoy Carvello’s book ‘Anything for a hit’, I’ve had the pleasure of hearing her read extracts in person and not to give too much away but it’s an amazing read if you want a real and raw insight into how the music industry looks like for a woman. But please don’t let any bad experiences in the book deter you, fortunately times are changing!


I am loving Mahalia’s new album IRL and Amaria BB’s album Those are two women's music in the industry that I admire at the moment as they have created their own lane and it’s so refreshing to hear. I am also loving Jessica Kuka, Jazmine Bruce and Jodie Mellors music, all women who I am thankful to know and witness their amazing talents.


The change I'd like to see is for weird and harmful men to leave us all alone. I’ve re typed this answer so many times because honestly there are a million specific things but the root of most of the problems are always weird and harmful men so I thought I'd just leave it there plain and simple.


If you’d like to support me firstly thank you! To support me best you can follow me on whatever social media you like to keep up with my crazy journey.

Hey you, wanna feature on our cactus city blog


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