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Hattie Oates

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First of all, I just love this question!
I have been a babe in music my whole life! It's a lifestyle! I have been writing and releasing since I was 14, and it's definitely been a journey, but one that I feel is only beginning. I grew up in a small country town in Australia, then made the move to Sydney and now LONDON! I'm so excited about the music I have been making and the BABES I have met and collaborated with so far. Music is something I'm possessed (for the sake of a better word) to do and I'm so ready for everything I have been manifesting, and will continue to work towards. This babe in music ain't going nowhere!!


I'm so excited about my new single 'You Could Love Me Back', as its probably the most raw/transparent topic for me to talk about.
I have never fallen in love, and frankly it scares me, so I keep it at a distance. I’m trying to learn how to be more vulnerable in many areas of my life, and I guess writing this song is at least one step in the right direction! I also seem to write about dreaming a lot, clearly i’m not satisfied with reality haha! So I wanted to write a song about allowing myself to fall for someone, not thinking about whether it's going to be a “mistake,” or end in an absolute “car crash” of a “heartache”, but at least be open to feeling something, even if it hurts. Given that I haven’t experienced love first hand, I guess this is what I imagine it could feel like. And when the day comes that I do fall in L.O.V.E, anyone who listens to my music will be the first to hear how that goes…


I love meeting new people, and making the move to Sydney and now being in London, the people I have met have literally injected me with inspiration. Connecting with people and sharing life stories, whether its freaky similarities or experiences so different to my own, I love the way that those conversations can instantly broaden my perspective on life, and also create new questions for me to find answers to. I feel like I quite often draw on these conversations when I'm writing. It kind of becomes a time stamp of who I met or what I was feeling at the time.

The list is endless... but my first artist obsession was Amy Winehouse, unfortunately I can't ever work with her but her collaborator Mark Ronson, would be a dream!
I'm obsessed with Julia Michaels conversational lyricism, and that has also inspired me to push boundaries with phrasing etc. in my current writing.
I also love anthemic pop songs, and MUNA are the BABES at that!


Everyone has opinions, and as much as it is important to gather information about the industry and gain an understanding of all the different elements of being an artist, makes sure you take it all with a grain of salt. Continue to make music that YOU are passionate about and allow that to become your sound.

I would have to say 'My Thoughts Exactly' by Lily Allen!
It's as transparent as it gets... it's a must.


There is so much amazing music out at the moment, but I'm loving artists like Holly Humberstone, Jorja Smith and the new Miley era!
I also grew up with lots of 80's rock chicks, so I always go back to Blondie, Kim Carnes, Kim Wild, Pat Benatar... to name a few.


I think whilst there has been some changes, we have a long way to go! Entering the music industry and having to navigate it very much alone as a female was daunting, and not to say that it didn't force me to grow/ find courage in certain areas, which have now made me more confident. I would love to see more female influences, mentors, "decision makers", mainly to help mediate the male perspective on things and help guide young women through the intricacies of the industry. That goes for gender minorities as well, if this is how I feel, then I can only imagine the support that they need to feel safe and heard in the industry!


JUMP ABOARD!! I am genuinely so proud of the music I have been making and the few recent releases are a little test taste of whats to come. The best way to support me is follow my journey, whether thats on spotify/any streaming service, insta, tiktok etc.
That way you want miss what's well and truely in the pipeline!

Hey you, wanna feature on our cactus city blog


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