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I am currently studying at the ACM in Birmingham on the production pathway. Seeing the under representation of female producers in the industry and my lived experience of domestic abuse, sexual exploitation and drug addiction I now use music to bring awareness and change for women that have faced these issues in society and music. Along the way I have created a creative collective called Females About Music with some of my fellow female creatives both at ACM and outside in the community. Music for me is sound and writing that can depict a story and be used to heal. I stand for connection, safety and the ethics that all women should have a right to be heard and be seen. My lived experience has shaped my writing, the translation of my pain and success coming out of these situations within the elements of music and visual creativity.


No More Silence, my hashtag that related to my music. Was the start. This came from me working as a high risk worker for domestic abuse, built on garageband , trying to find ways to go into studios seeing that everything was male dominated. I then was like, nah.. Im going to produce record and release my own music. So this was my anthem song and the rest was the story of my experience before recovery. Financial restraints came to play, I found things so hard but thought I can try raise the money myself to pay for the mixing and mastering and music video, Which I did with gofundme. After that it was just networking asking for some help and using the friends and allies both female and male that can help me along the way as I was still learning and developing my sound. Im not sure that process ever stops. Currently the newest project has been building Females about music with co founders @floyer and @ladyboosmc (precious) with ACM Birmingham students, with now other members such as producers and artists @meraki.bey.offical , @tinahje22, @ktdvine, @levelssecretgems and soulclinic (catch her on tiktok mainly), helping other artists learn different skills and utilising the ones I have learnt other my time, before music and during my musical journey. Im also now managing an artist @nadinewalkeruk and starting to expand on the creative collective collaboration and learning session with Females About Music members.


This ones hard.. so many inspire me for various reasons. Musically l I have been inspired over the years from drummer Tony Allen because I love thrums and percussion , house music Black motion. I love the new stuff Lauren faith does.

Internationally I was inspired when I went back to my grandads home country of Barbados by @Krisirie just blew me away with her sound.

Joel Harris - This is a tutor at ACM Birmingham. Sometimes I find we miss people or they don't get the credit I think truly they deserve in the teaching element but musical craft. His time and dedication to help us as women at ACM has been amazing. He has taken time to help me, teach me and understand me as an artist. This to bringing industry women to the campus for a workshop on an all female panel which was amazing. Also he has mixed and mastered my first EP and really helped me develop my sound.

My first mentor @twinnie gave me so much time care and honesty in me coming into this industry. She really truly inspires me with her courage and her talent.

I am also inspired by people and organisations standing for justice in the world such as Inspiring leadership foundation , Freemypeople , new era Detroit , No more stolen sisters. Of course the team of Cactus City have been great inspiration and support for me.

Engineers - Compress her (Natalie Bibby) I love her energy and skill and how she really stands for us women in the industry in the engineering side.

Producers I love are Wondergurl.. like her ears and ability to make something new in sound and create such balance dynamically , complex but also simple to.

Saintythemc - I think when I saw her perform with an orchestra I was blown away , I think she is someone that has stayed so true to her. Her lyrical ability and writing is one of the best... I think one of best lyricist of all time.

Someone new I've only recently met but has blown me away with the creative development in music and film is @stanzadivan. I met him watching the FAM short film and was blown away but the main thing was him sharing honestly and authentically about his experience.

Experimental music inspiration comes from the lies of Diego Stocco and Suzanne Cianni that has shown me that music and sound is there to be explored and pushed.

Like Tony Allen said "there is No end" For music this means it just keeps being able to be pushed and keeps being able to be explored. So for me it is about keeping being able to give to the hearts of people.

Wondergurl , Krisirie, Natalie Bibby , black motion, Sanitythemc


Just stay true to you as Chronixx says "don't do it for the likes". Hold your integrity as you will see so many blowing up. Create the music you love and network , network, network. Build your own unique community of people with different skill sets. I feel this supportive network is so important now for the development of your career but also our safety.

Well .. MeToo not you (the trouble with mainstream feminism) by Alison Phipps was an eye opener. I also loved Tony Allen's Autobiography.


I dig hazmaa, sanitythemc and Iniko ... But also I love love these two duo's @altblkera love there alternative flare and amazing in talent

And my favourite @nicknsix they are amazing their story has inspired me, they move me deeply.


I would love to see more hubs like big centres for only women spaces, that can help reduce the financial barriers for women coming into the industry. Also I would like to see more women at the table of the big labels or more all women music labels that really think and support the fair pay for artists.

Just more women already in the industry that have made it or are noticed coming and given newer artist a chance to work with them like "have a track made by and unsigned produced by the not known " give more a chance when we have the noticeability in the industry.


So just follow and comment, but also if you are a creative and we can work together this would really help. Come along to the event in November for the release of my music and celebration. The location will be revealed later but personal message me on instagram and I will personally message you with an update. If you hear any of my music snips on social media use my sounds for your own posts would really help. Lets work together to build a global creative collective.

Hey you, wanna feature on our cactus city blog


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