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Macie Nyah

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I am an independent bubblegum pop gal writing and releasing music to inspire others, predominately female or female identifying individuals who might have gone through/be going through similar things to me. I’m a strong advocate for pop bops not always needing to be about love and relationship and that they should also be about other real life situations, make them catchy and then people will talk about and relate to them.


I’m currently coming towards the end of a 4 release single project, my ‘Alone Forever’ era. It’s about my thoughts and feelings towards being single for all of my life so far and being the single friend in the group. The first track, Heartbreak Song, gained me my first BBC radio 1 play earlier this year and my favourite from this project is Bridget Jones which is a comical outlook of how my life is very similar to hers. The final song Alone Forever sums this all up and is coming out on the 29th of September!


I am inspired hugely by the crazy talented friends and creatives that I am surrounded by and so lucky to know. I get ideas from their ideas and then working with them on my own projects is always so much fun because everyone has a creative mind. In terms of subject matters I am inspired entirely by my own life, it’s extremely important to me that anything I put out there is something that I have directly experienced and can relate to when having to promote and perform it. I think this just allows audiences to connect with you further which is ultimately my dream goal when writing and releasing music.

I would LOVEEEE to work with Anne-Marie as a feature track I think that would be so sick. My early work especially was heavily inspired by her and I look up to her a lot as a musician, but also how she portrays herself in general I think it’s very authentic which I love. I would also cry if I ever got into a writing room with Raye and if Finneas ever produced one of my tracks.


As cringe as it sounds I would honestly say just be yourself and celebrate who you are through your music and online presence! We’re already a minority and that’s not going to change so we might as well have fun with it! Never change yourself to be a version of you which you think more people might like because ultimately you’ll end up not liking yourself.

I recently read a book called Queenie by an author called Candice Carty-Williams which is about a British-Jamaican woman living in London who is going through the motions of thriving in her dream career as a journalist whilst maintaining relationships which I found very inspiring as a young woman also living in London and trying to find the balance and success in the same things.


I am really loving my extremely talented friend Cristina Hart, I think she is absolutely crushing life with her bangers recently and I think she is so ready for a huge breakthrough success.
I have also recently started to vibe with G Flip, they are all over my TikTok fyp and I’m a bit obsessed with their song The Worst Person Alive and I really hope I can see them live in the UK soon!!


I firstly would like to see more woman on line-ups. I have recently started a live music night called Peachy with fellow artist Jaz Beeson where we are championing and celebrating female, queer and non binary artists so this is something I’m already actively trying to change myself.


My latest release on the 29th of September and the other 3 which are already out:
Heartbreak Song
With a Ghost
Bridget Jones

And then coming to some Peachy events!! @teampeachyy on Instagram

Hey you, wanna feature on our cactus city blog


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