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Meraki Bey

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I am a music producer, singer and songwriter who likes to delve into a variety of genres as well as experiment with different sounds.


I released an E.P. Called S.O.B.S in July, which showcases myself as well as the different genres I enjoy and I feel that reflect my sound.


I am inspired by my peers when they are showing me their work, my surroundings when I am outside as well as artists including DPR IAN and CORBYN.

I would love to work with anyone with is not afraid to experiment and create some that no one has ever heard of.


The advice I would give is to not be afraid of showing your authentic self as society pins stereotypes upon us. We need to break free from this and do what feels best for us.

The book I was recommended to read by my big sister was ‘The Black History Book’ that is available on Amazon and I will include in my next purchase.


I like to listen to K-pop and have been listening to ‘Alley Oop’ and ‘Call D’ by ‘NCT U’ nonstop lately.


I would like to see more female producers at the forefront of the studio as well as more women-led businesses bringing more popular.


They can support my latest release and drop a follow so they can anticipate my next projects.

Hey you, wanna feature on our cactus city blog


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