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Sarah Carvalho

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I'm a queer and trans indie-folk singer-songwriter, who writes about universal queer and trans experiences. I'm a massive advocate on helping to uproot queer and trans people, as our voices need to be heard and everyone deserves to be fully seen in the music they listen to.


My debut single 'play pretend' is officially out on all platforms on October the 4th!! I started my music career properly this year and it has been so wonderful and such a privilege to finally be able to get my music out, with the support of other incredible and talented queer/trans artists and friends. The song is about being in love with your straight best friend who uses you when her relationship with her boyfriend is not going well (ow). The whole process of making this song was really intimate and raw, so I hope you enjoy it!


My biggest inspirations for my music musically and lyrically are Leith Ross and Kevin Atwater. I love the way they are so poetic with their lyrics and their music is so soft yet extremely haunting. However, I am always mostly inspired when I hear phenomenal songs from my beautiful friends.

I mean who's dream isn't to work with Phoebe Bridgers or any of the little boys in Boygenius. They would definitely bring out a more poppy/rocky vibe to my music that I really want to explore. Other artists I would love to work with is Adrianne Lenker, Victoria Canal, and obviously Leith Ross.


GIGS! Go to as many gigs as you can! Find smaller artists with similar music to you and then make friends and meet people at gigs, that's how you find your people who will support you through everything and climb up the ladder in the industry. Also, know your worth. Do not settle for anyone, find people that truly understand you as a person and as an artist because that is where you will thrive.

Oh my god, what a question. Well, my favourite book of all time is 'Just Kids' by Patti Smith. It is so beautiful and heart-wrenching and such an incredible insight into being an artist back then. Also, another INCREDIBLE book is 'In the Dream House' by Carmen Maria Machado. It is a life-changing book and some of the best writing I have ever seen, the concept is so clever. However, I will warn you it is a hard emotional read and will make you not want to read for a while.


I am really enjoying CMAT, Carol Ades, Adrienne Lenker, and Gracie Abrams. Also a special shoutout is I found someone called Nep who has a song out called 'A Big Brown Dog Named Bagel' which I ADORE.


Bigger parts of the industry being able to address queer and trans people with the right terminology etc. Also more opportunities and access for there to be more women/gender non-conforming producers out there!!


Would love if you followed all of my social media and come to as many as my gigs as you can/supported me in any way I mention in my posts. Also listen to 'play pretend' and add it to your playlists if it's out once this blog goes up! I also have a tip jar in my link tree website for further music endeavours as I work on my EP.

Hey you, wanna feature on our cactus city blog


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