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5 Music related podcasts we're loving at the moment

5 music related podcasts we're loving at the moment

Are you short of podcasts at the moment? We’ve got just the thing for you. Lots of music related podcasts from the voices of women, across all angles of the music industry.

Fach My Life

If you haven’t listened to Fach My Life, you are missing out. Ros and Adele are the perfect co-hosts, the duo talk about some of the dark secrets of the opera industry and the world. They talk about their personal experiences with exploitation and inequality within the classical music industry and suggest ways to make real change.

“All we wanted to do was sing, but somehow we’ve managed to look into the jaws of hell. Maybe the gates of heaven too, but those moments are a bit more fleeting.”

Their podcast is jam packed with rants, FML stories and lots of laughter. The perfect balance of deep topics and humour.

Girls Twiddling Knobs

The podcast is hosted by Isobel Anderson who has a PHD in Sonic Arts and has over 25 million streams across her music. She launched the podcast as she has first hand experience of the lack of resources for female musicians so she shares her music production tips to female identifying DIY musicians. Each episode she talks with other women in music about their experiences and industry tips.

With women only making up around 3% of music producers in the UK, this podcast is super important for many aspiring and experienced producers!

Women In Music with Millie Cotton

DJ Millie Cotton hosts the Women in Music podcast. She chats with various different women in the music industry, sharing their tales and talking about their careers. Guests such as the wonderful Nadia Khan from Women in CTRL, Arlo Parks, Maisie Peters have spoken on the podcast with a mix of other industry professionals such as photographers, producers, every job you could think of!

On Wednesdays We Wear Black

It’s no secret that the alternative music scene which houses rock and metal is a sausage fest. Hosts Sophie K (Kerrang Radio), Alyx Holcombe (Bassist in Petty Phase, Alyx Plays Punk) and Yasmine Summan (TikTok)

Talk about all things race, gender, sexuality, music and alternative lifestyle. It gives a voice to the unrepresented and queer voices in heavy music. This podcast tackles industry issues head-on with brute force but will also make you full belly chuckle.

Just A Girl

Co-hosts Natalie and Katie break down intersectional feminism, relating it to the music industry. One of my favourite episodes was when they used dating apps to promote their feminist podcast. They’ve analysed if art can be separated from the artist and also spoke to Yonaka about seizing their mental health!

This is just a tiny amount of the incredible female hosted music podcasts we love. Tell us the ones you listen to!


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