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5 Sustainable gift ideas for musicians

5 sustainable gift ideas for musicians

If you’re still stuck for gift ideas for your loved ones who are musicians, we’ve got a few tips. It’s becoming more apparent that sustainability is key to keeping our planet alive, therefore we’ve created a guide on sustainable gift ideas for musicians.

consider second-hand instruments and equipment

Buy second-hand

Instead of buying brand new instruments, why not look for second-hand ones? Not only will it mean you’re not contributing to packaging waste, but more times than not, secondhand is cheaper!

1-2-1 music lessons with a musician they love

1-2-1 Music lessons with a musician

There is an abundance of music lessons out there, and there’s always more that you can learn! Getting better with your instrument is bound to give you more creative freedom when it comes to performing and writing music. You’ll find that quite a lot of musicians in bands also offer 1-2-1 music lessons. Even a one off lesson is helpful, to get someone else’s opinion on your playing and what you can improve on.

buying new parts for their old instruments

Buying new parts for their instruments

Upgrading parts of their instruments is another avenue to go down, but is definitely one that you shouldn’t do as a surprise. Most musicians are obsessed with their instruments, and what’s better than improving them?

gig tickets for their favourite artist

Gig tickets for their favourite artist

This is an easy one, and one that is a great idea for musicians and music lovers. Who doesn’t love seeing their favourite artists live? Or even taking a gamble and buying tickets for a local band near you, supporting grassroots artists and enjoying live music.


Upcycling old music equipment is another way to avoid contributing to landfill. Whether that’s upcycling instruments and equipment yourself, or buying already upcycled instruments. We’ve seen instruments as ornaments, as furniture, and even Christmas tree decorations. The limit is endless.

Let us know your sustainable gift ideas!


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