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Alternative Christmas playlist for when you’re Mariah-ed out

alternative christmas playlist for when you're Mariah-ed out. Photos of Mariah Carey over snowy Christmas trees..

It’s officially Mariah season! You’re probably already drowning in smellies from your aunties ,whilst trying to maintain your festivity, but Mariah just isn’t hitting it like she used to. You’re fed up of the festive bangers that get played on loop from November 1st. Fear not, we have curated a playlist full of festive bangers which don’t feature the same old songs every year. We’ve got you!

Top 5 of the playlist

1. Did you know that Katy Perry has her own Christmas song? If this isn’t your new favourite, I really can’t fix the Mariah burn out.

2. Christmas isn’t always a nice time for everyone, it can be lonely. This Bryston Tiller track outlines loneliness at Christmas, you’re not alone.

3. If you’re a pop punk fan, you will love this Christmas tune by the kings of pop punk- Blink 182. We have many reasons to celebrate Christmas this year, one of them being Mark Hoppus is now cancer free! It’s not the first or last Christmas song from Blink, they’ve released other Christmas bops such as ‘Not Another Christmas Song’.

4. Leona Lewis isn’t a stranger to Christmas songs, having released One More Sleep and now this catchy bop with Ne-Yo.

5. The last few have been pretty upbeat, so for those of you that love a heart wrenching slow song we have the legendary Phoebe Bridgers covering McCarthy Trenching’s, Christmas Song.

For the full playlist, you can stream it here on Spotify:


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