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International Kissing Day- saucy songs to celebrate

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International Kissing Day- saucy songs to celebrate

Happy International Kissing Day! If you are lucky enough to have someone to kiss today, we have made a playlist you can use as your soundtrack for some international kissing day smooching. These are our 10 saucy songs to get you in the mood.

Skin- Rihanna

“So why you standin' over there witcha clothes on

Baby strip down for me, go on take 'em off

Don't worry baby, I'mma meet you half way

Cause I know you wanna see me”

Is it really a sex playlist without Rihanna? The answer is no. Really any Rihanna song could have been in this playlist, Skin, Kiss It Better, Sex With Me. Rihanna is unapologetic with her sexual freedom and we love it. If this isn’t on your bedroom playlist, you need to add it now.

Alone with you- Ashlee

"With every motion lose control

You got me floating away

Lose myself to you

When we're alone it's all I want

When i'm alone with you

Come take me

For the ride of my life”

This raunchy slow jam from R&B singer Ashlee is another instant add. At just 23 she released this sensual song about sex from the female perspective. “I wanted to make the act of sex not just about men. A lot of times it’s just for men, but no it’s for women too.” You really don’t need to decode the lyrics to see what this is about.

Streets- Doja Cat

This song is filthy, from the grimy bass to delicate vocals we’re obsessed with this song. The music video is extremely empowering and erotic, maybe my favourite combo. It’s not the obvious choice when compared to songs like Cyber Sex but the vocal and instrumental together create an extremely erotic soundtrack to your tonsil tennis session.

Love Me Right- Rendezvous at Two

“And I'm addicted, just a little bit,

To the love between my thighs

And I'm holdin' on so tight

And I could chew more than I bite

But he knows just what I like


You're loving me right, right”

Another female artist not shying away from sex and breaking the taboos forced upon women. The lyrics are steamy, the slow delicate vocals are enough to get anyone hot under the collar. Producer and singer duo, Rendezvous at Two also have a bop called Fuck Me and Feed Me, maybe a little bit risqué to play around your parents but a sneaky spin on a snogging playlist is not frowned upon.

34+35- Ariana Grande

“Can you stay up all night?

Fuck me 'til the daylight

Thirty-four, thirty-five”

Now I don’t really need to explain to you why this song is in here, the meaning is pretty obvious.

It’s no surprise that Ariana Grande is on our International Kissing Day playlist. Queen of steamy bangers with some of the best vocal talent around at the moment, It was a no brainer to add this in. Having recently married Dalton Gomez in an intimate ceremony this year, we can’t wait to hear more of the x-rated side of Ariana.

XS- Rina Sawayama

“I don't wanna hear (no, no)

Only want a (yes, yes)

Oh me, oh my

Gimme just a little bit (XS, XS)

Oh me, oh my

Gimme just a little bit (more)

Little bit of (excess)”

Japanese- English songwriter Rina Sawayama is hitting us with some noughties vibes with her catchy vocals, electric guitar and 2000’s style beat. Though not technically about anything sexual, the song itself feels suggestive and we are living for it.

Heartless- Madison

“So I kiss you goodbye

Maybe I shouldn't, not when it's good

Not when it's this good

And I never learn

So maybe it's my fault

I always love

I love you too hard”

Almost a break up song but with some sexual undertones. Delicate vocals with matching beats are enough of a reason to pucker up.

Crazy in Love- Beyonce

Now everyone has heard Crazy in Love but have you heard the extremely sultry version used on the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack? This remix is the ultimate makeout song.

Que la nuit- Juniore

What is it about French songs that make you want to get down and dirty? It doesn’t even matter what the meaning is, this song is a saucy slow bop that you need to add to every sexual healing playlist. Pucker up

Nobody But You- Jorja Smith

Jorja Smith’s vocals are pure velvet and combined with Sonder makes us weak at the knees. This striped back guitar and vocals tracks is a super summery tune but also a great song to celebrate the best day of the year.

This is only a small snippet of our playlist, to hear all of our International Kissing Day playlist head here:


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