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From songwriting for other people to her own artist project, meet Sara Cruz

Sara Cruz releases new single 2Two Wrongs
Image via Sara Cruz

Do you recognise Sara Cruz? If you do it’s because she is everywhere! From her music being played on Assassin’s Creed and Our World to her collaboration with Flo Rida. She is an unstoppable force.

What is it about the retro & 80’s synth sound that you love so much?

I find myself connecting so much with most of the ’70s & ’80s music. From lyrics and melody to the soundscape and vibe that you get from some masterpieces. The danceability, optimistic sound & positive energy but also the melancholy that transpires are definitely some of the aspects that attract me, they take me back in time to fond memories for example, or even to a movie from the past that I watched and loved. [ *think “Top Gun”😁*]

Synthesizers can have a pure, warm tone in comparison to other instruments and brought new appealing sounds to music. With technology now catching up and making digital synths & samples affordable, it has sparked a lot of creativity in me, making me want to combine & experiment to achieve a more researched, timeless and unique texture. Very time-consuming, but I’m loving the process, it’s so worth it.

"The perception of women in the music industry is highly stereotypical and sexualised.When I was 26, I tried to audition for some projects, and for example more than a few times I was told that I was too old."

What is the inspiration behind 2Two Wrongs?

I worked on 2Two Wrongs with another talented producer, Maro Bertini who completely understood what I was trying to do. We do share very similar tastes in music, which is usually a plus when co-producing, I played him some ideas and what I thought was missing and he came back with his idea which was definitely a great starting point.

Then I just let the music inspire me to help me write the lyrics and melody. I added some synth riffs to complement the vocals and edited the drums and that’s how 2Two Wrongs was born. The song portrays a taste of bittersweet yet hopeful feelings throughout, questioning (and hoping) if there is a way to reconcile a relationship (of any sort) regardless of the everyday turmoils we are going through.

I dedicated the song to a dear friend of mine & music partner who passed away very recently, with a little tribute clip at the very end of the video.

"Go your own pace and never fail to try more."

You were signed to Sony ATV Scandinavia publishing! How has your musical vision changed since then?

When I was signed to them I was mainly focusing on doing the writing sessions I was set up to do, usually writing on the spot with the producers/songwriters I was working with on the session. It was predominantly big pop songs that the publishers were hoping to pitch to bigger artists, which at the time I definitely enjoyed.

Back then I was also listening to more ‘pop’ in general, which I still do, but in a much smaller scale. My playlists are also filled with indie dreampop, rock, surf-rock, rockabilly, soul and electronic, and I think my musical taste and vision have gradually shifted since then to a more alternative spectrum resulting in a combination of all.

What is something that your fans don’t know about you?

When I was a kid one day I came back from school, and there was a bird trapped in our flue. We were waiting for my mum’s husband to return from work to open the flue and set the bird free. After a few hours, I went to take a shower, of course, the flue is connected to the boiler, but back then I had no idea.

If BOILER + turning on HOT WATER = GAS, we can assume that there wasn’t a happy ending for the little bird. I cried for weeks… and believe me that memory still haunts me to this day.😢🙈

Sara Cruz on beach hair up looking away from camera
Image via Sara Cruz

What has been your biggest lesson along the way?

Go your own pace and never fail to try more.

You have a new album coming out soon? What can we expect?

More dreamy, lush, retro & rock textures… for sure.

"Surround yourself with people you trust."

Sara Cruz's side profile looking downwards
Image via Sara Cruz

You used to live in London, what made you move?

I moved to London because I loved it from the very first time I went on holiday, even before deciding to pursue music. I loved all the opportunities it had to offer, the history, stunning sights, the vibrant social scene and the unpredictability. Life was definitely never dull! And of course, for anyone pursuing a music career, it’s a great spot.

I moved back to Italy because London was too expensive, and like any city it can get very lonely. I was definitely missing my family, my friends and the sun.

What keeps you in the music industry?

Let’s see… very little money coming in right now so… definitely not that! 😄

Unquestionably the pure love, passion & commitment to music, nothing else.

What advice would you give to someone who is a genter minority entering the industry?

I think it still is “a man’s world” in terms of how society was built… “but it wouldn't be nothing without a woman or a girl”. Women are catching up in many fields, including music and gender minorities as well as marginalized people are proudly standing up for themselves more and more.

Some advice for those who want to enter the industry:

  • Build and cultivate relationships… surround yourself with people you trust.

  • Don’t be intimidated by the manly environment, instead be confident and honest with who you are.

  • Practice empathy.

  • Be friendly but set boundaries, at least until you know your team a little better.

  • Learn to endure criticism and turn it into a gift.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Anyone who tries to make this world a better world.

Who is your dream collab?

Beach House, Lana Del Rey.

"I think I’m a funny person and I love to make people happy. I’m a highly empathic person."

Sara Cruz looking off to the left hand side with a reel of film behind her
Image via Sara Cruz

How would you like the music industry to change for women and gender minorities?

The perception of women in the music industry is highly stereotypical and sexualised.

When I was 26, I tried to audition for some projects, and for example more than a few times I was told that I was too old. W h a t ? 😳

If you make good music and people want to hear it, you should be able to do so when you are 30, 40, 50, and for as long as you live. Music has nothing to do with age. But it’s okay for men to be in their 70s and rock the stages.

I would also like to see a 50/50 gender balance in festival line-ups, label roasters, executive roles, and production & sound engineer positions.

What qualities are you most proud of in yourself?

I think I’m a funny person and I love to make people happy. I’m a highly empathic person. My unconditional love for animals.

Stream 2Two Wrongs here:

Sara Cruz with her hair up on a beach for her single cover of 2Two Wrongs
Sara Cruz- 2Two Wrongs Single Cover


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